Sunshine Jarboly Studio Art

About This Friggin' Guy

Ian Strang is an independent artist, amateur photographer and writer. He works with spray paint stencils on canvas and Sharpie drawings on canvas. He and his friend Adam Southwick created four animated shorts from the book The Angerman Chronicles and one short called Slackjaw. He is also the author of The Grand Scheme Of Things. Ian comes from the tiny mining village of San Diego, California. He likes to draw, paint and take long walks to the liquor store. He is a distant relative of the guy who invented the Spork. He is also one of the few remaining people who believes that the center of the earth is filled with the same stuff you find in the center of a Twinkie. Ian likes all types of music but hates the song Disco Duck by Rick Dees because he says it brings up too many bad memories. Ian Strang is allergic to panda dander. He has several pen pals from around the world, many of whom are incarcerated. Ian has never been incarcerated, but got stuck in a walk-in closet for several days once when he was pretending to be a cat burglar while his wife was out of town. He was eventually rescued by a troop of Cub Scouts who heard his cries for help while they were helping an elderly lady cross the street. They all received Merit Badges for Engineering.